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Diplomacy Sustainability 

Forging the Next Generation of Global Leadership

A 3-month fellowship for a lifelong path to global leadership. 

Learn from the most impactful leaders across the world. 


GPODS is an opportunity to learn from 44 + global leaders in public policy, diplomacy, and sustainability and join a lifelong network of Fellows to create a better world. 


Grow in a close-knit community where you interact and grow with statesmen, CEOs, diplomats, world-renowned academicians, experienced bureaucrats, investors, award-winning authors, and grassroots leaders. 


At GPODS we believe that to become a world leader, our Fellows need to think like a world leader, understand their mental models, build close connections with them, and evolve their unique style of leadership rooted in cutting-edge knowledge of world affairs, sustainable development, and public policy.   



3 Months | 3 Courses | 5 Workshops | 40 + Mentors


A Global Fellowship for forging leaders of tomorrow at the intersection of Public Policy, Diplomacy and Climate change. 

Learn the Skills that make a difference.

Our Fellowship

Best minds globally
Interact. Immerse. Involve. Evolve. 





Three intensive online courses and seminars in diplomacy, comparative public administration and climate change.


Skill based workshops and case studies in policy writing, systems thinking, fund raising and circular economy. 

Mentorship Sessions

Global leaders as mentors with dedicated lectures and interactive office hours. 

Our Fellowship

From the desk of

“ I have been watching this programme develop…and it looks fantastic…you have a wonderful slay of presenters and mentors that are well experienced and brilliant…”

-John Dickson

President, World Trade and Development Group


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