The Press Release for the Achievers' Award

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The Indian Achiever's Award

GPODS Fellowship wins the Indian Achievers’ Award 2021

Global policy, Diplomacy & Sustainability Fellowship Program - a product of  Envipol - has bagged the Indian Achievers’ Award 2021 for Promising Company, and has been recognized worldwide for its outstanding professional achievement and contribution in nation building. The platform honours people and institutions of distinct domains and recognizes their efforts that have a track record in trailblazing efforts in specific field of work.


The Indian Achiever’s Forum lauded the efforts and the significant impact that the fellowship has created in the area of businesses and communities and how it is carving its name in the field of education. The fellowship is an attempt to delve deeper into the areas of public policy, international diplomacy and environmental sustainability by dedicating time and energy towards a multi-disciplinary form of learning to hone each other’s skills and expand an intra and inter-peer network of future global leaders.

The directors of the program, Mr. Eeshan Chaturvedi and Mr. Arpit Chaturvedi have jointly released a statement saying -


    "When we started out on this GPODS journey, we just had one resource-ambition. And ambition came with its own challenges- is it too ambitious? Is it possible for it to be truly global in spirit? Can we gather the most prominent world leaders to help create leadership for the future? These questions were also met by a bullish resolve to be able to make a difference in learning. That, and the invaluable support from our peers, mentors, and most importantly, the fellows, who are now family. And with that intent, it is heartening to note that as our family grows with every GPODS Cohort, we find recognition or our efforts towards making public policy, international relations, and sustainability the main points of discussion towards global education, career development and network growth. All this, while creating a group of leaders, mentored by leaders and nurtured by the extremely hard working team of GPODS. Thank you to each of you who has supported us, and we will keep at it with an even greater vigour."

 GPODS Fellow Ms. Nivedita Biswal all set to sail to Antarctica!

Team GPODS is proud of her achievements & sends best wishes for her expedition.

Ms. Nivedita Biswal - a past fellow of the first cohort of the Global Policy, Diplomacy and Sustainability Fellowship is all set to embark to Antarctica for the 2041 Antarctica Leadership Expedition this year in November. She is one of the very few young leaders from around the world, who are supported by the 2041 Foundation to be a part of a ten day leadership program and gain hands down experience about the changes that are happening in Antarctica and the world.


Currently working in Coal India and having an educational background in engineering and management, Nivedita is all set to pursue her Masters in Science in Ecosystem Science and Conservation from the University of Michigan in a few months from now. With an extreme passion and a deep motivation to work in the field of environmental sustainability, she accords a huge portion of her professional and personal achievements to the learning and experiences she accomplished through the GPODS Fellowship.


She reveals that the fellowship was one of the most enriching and meaningful experiences of her life, as it equipped her with practical discussions, idea sharing and thoroughly honed her public speaking skills. The comfort of sharing ideas and thoughts and of course, mentorships and friendships that she found along this journey have made her sure of what she wants out of her life for which she credits the fellowship to a large extent. 

Nivedita feels that the team of GPODS Fellowship instilled in her a passion in regards to environment and its conservation, which helped her shape a clearer vision of it. She believes this has been a wonderful journey to experience, and encourages all policy enthusiasts and environmental conservationists take it up.

The entire team of GPODS is proud of her achievements and accomplishments . Team GPODS wishes Nivedita a hearty Congratulations and best wishes for all her future endeavours.