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Frequently asked questions

When are the fellowship applications due?

Please see below for specific deadlines and visit Fellowship page for more specific application details: Application Deadline - 24th September, 2021

Who can apply for the fellowship?

GPODS is made for students and professionals who are at a Watershed Threshold in their academic or professional lives. The Watershed Threshold would signify a significant moment at which the professional would seek to transit into bigger roles in her/his career or scholarly pursuits.
Generally, GPODS is for those who are interested in bringing about change through working on the intersections of public policy, diplomacy, and sustainability
For details please visit - Fellowship Page

Can we apply for a fellowship while being a student?

Yes, you can. This fellowship invites all interested students and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and networking in this domain. . Please note, the number of seats are limited for this fellowship, if you are not selected for this round, please do apply for the next fellowship.

How should my application documents be submitted?

We require you to kindly visit apply page on our website and fill the requisite details and attach the documents as mentioned or kindly email us your applicaition with requisite documents, namely, Resume/CV and a 500 word Statement of Purpose along with the fee.

Will the Gpods Fellowship confirm receipt of my application?

Yes, we will. Inspite of high volume of applications, we will respond to each applicant in due time.

Will the fellowship accept late applications?

No. all application materials must be submitted by the application deadline.

I’ve encountered a technical glitch while working on my application or while submitting it. Who should I contact?

Drop us a message through our website or email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When will I know if I am selected for the fellowship?

We accept respond to successful applicants 1-2 weeks after the application deadline. Please note, all applications will be processed once we've received all your documents and fee.

What are the benefits of the Fellowship if I am selected?

Please refer to the fellowship page on the GPODS website for details.

Am I expected to attend all sessions of the co-curricular program?

Group cohesion and accountability are important elements to the fellowship experience. Attendance is expected at all fellowship sessions, with the exception of prior academic commitments. Active participation in all co-curricular programming is a requirement of all fellows for the duration of the fellowship and is key to making the most out of the fellowship experience.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Anyone can apply for scholarship through our application form. All scholarships shall be provided based on merit and financial need of the applicant. Our decision shall remain final.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

You do not need to fill any additional form to apply for scholarship. All applicants can opt-in for scholarship in our application form. For details, please refer to Fellowship page.

Can I seek a refund, if I am unable to attend the fellowship?

All fellowship fees are non-refundable.

If you have any additional queries, how can you contact GPODS team?

Please fill out the contact form for a quick response.

What do I do, if I face any technical difficulties during payment procedure?

Should you face any technical difficulties during the payment, kindly reach out to us as soon as possible with a snapshot of the same. If your payment isn't going through, just drop us an email at and we will resolve the issues as soon as possible and reach out to you with a solution.Rest assured we will resolve the issue for you in a jiffy.