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GPODS Events


Date: October 31st 2020

“Building Back Better: Covid -19 crisis an opportunity to build safe, sustainable, and resilient cities”

GPODS organized an Urban breakfast event to celebrate World Cities Day on October 31, 2020. The event featured a discussion on  “Building Back Better: Covid -19 crisis an opportunity to build safe, sustainable, and resilient cities”. The speakers were

Global Policy, Diplomacy,  and Sustainability (GPODS) fellows who discussed urban issues and sustainable development.

This was the part of the World Cities Day 2020 global celebration. The event was attended by experts from United Nations agencies, governments, academia, civil society, private sector and scholarly students. The panelists and experts were from across the globe. This enabled the discussion to incorporate the diversity of theory and practice from all over the world. The three main objectives of the discussion were:

  1. The way forward to rebuild safe cities which are inclusive and equitable in nature.

  2. The way forward to have resilient cities.

  3. The way forward to adapt for sustainable development for cities.


Date: 30th September, 2020

                           CLIMATE MITIGATION IN ENVIROPOLICY                           

GPODS Fellows were represented at the  Climate Week NYC, 2020 as they participated in a panel discussion on the theme of "COVID-19 and rethinking Sustainable Transportation".

This event aims at reiterating the need for including climate adaptation and mitigation measures in national and international law and policy through integrating it in the already well established environmental jurisprudence. The event will feature a panel ideation session with international enviro-legal and policy luminaries and reaching out to as many consumers of the environment as possible. The ideation session looks at different experiences from around the globe to achieve a policy-strategy to conserve the depleting natural resources while creating a positive dialogue towards climate change.