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Diplomacy Sustainability 


Forging the Next Generation of Global Leadership

A 3-month fellowship for a lifelong path to global leadership. 

Learn from the most impactful leaders across the world. 


GPODS is an opportunity to learn from 40+ global leaders in public policy, diplomacy, and sustainability and join a lifelong network of Fellows to create a better world. 


Grow in a close-knit community where you interact and grow with statesmen, CEOs, diplomats, world-renowned academicians, experienced bureaucrats, investors, award-winning authors, and grassroots leaders. 


At GPODS we believe that to become a world leader, our Fellows need to think like a world leader, understand their mental models, build close connections with them, and evolve their unique style of leadership rooted in cutting-edge knowledge of world affairs, sustainable development, and public policy.   



3 Months | 3 Courses | 5 Workshops | 40+ Mentors